- And yet, I really only want a caffe latte.

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   It's not easy being me!
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   Das Aoiya

Perfect. The revolution begins tomorrow at nine p.m. I'll stop by for you at eight.

Whoa, whoa, what?! We were on page six and you went to page fifty! And switched books.

Don't play coy. We both know why you bought that ski mask.

Yeah! Because. I. Ski.


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Your Inner Beast

Your inner beast is a Lion. Your fierce side is shown gracefully.
~The Good~ You're Noble, Gracious, Knowledgeable, etc...
~The Bad~ You are sometimes Controlling, Aloof, Condescending, etc...
~People On Your Good Side~ Bask in a feeling of protection and privilege.
~People On Your Bad Side~ Receive the cold shoulder and perhaps a casual insult from time to time.
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What Language Are You?

You are the English Language
The English language is among the hardest language to learn for non-native speakers, yet it could be called the unofficial universal language because most countries have it as a second language (this is because they have dealings with America and Americans in general do not learn a second language, even if dealing extensively with other countries). It is based on rules that have many contradictions.
~My Little Diatribe~
The English language is demanding. It is also very unexpressive, placing many various meanings into one word. For example, "I love you." when said in English can mean:
I love you like family.
I love you like a friend.
I love you forever.
I love you now.
I love the way you look in those skin tight clothes.
I love you so much I'd die for you.
and so on. Most languages have separate words that differentiate between the meanings of "love".
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Wer lacht mit mir? - Englisch ist relativ einfach zu lernen (vor allem, wenn du aus einem ähnlichen Sprachraum stammst). Die Regeln sind sinnvoll, vor allem wenn man es mit dem Deutschen vergleicht. Und es hat eine wahnsinnig große Anzahl von Wörtern, mit denen man herrlich präzise dumme Dinge sagen kann. - Aaaaber: Ich bin Englisch!
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